At ESH Secondary we recognise that all students require different levels and kinds of support, from language acquisition to learning needs or from emotional support to stress management, to ensure their well-being. We adopt a learner-centred support policy at ESH, which means the student's needs are at the forefront of any support given, and any learning plans or provisions made.

All ESH staff are responsible for, and committed to, providing a safe and secure environment for our students to achieve personal excellence. Our dedicated Support Team, made up of highly qualified and experienced Learning Support Specialists, Counsellors and Psychologists continually review, reflect on, and report on the support needs of the students in their care and maintain an open channel for discussion with parents.

Learning support

We provide support to students who have additional needs, whether in mathematics, one or more of their languages. Currently, languages supported at ESH are English L1 and L2, French L1 and L2, German L1 and L2, and Dutch L1. Support in mathematics is offered in English, French, and Dutch.

Student well-being

Students at European Schools come from different countries, and each bring their own unique cultures and backgrounds with them. Some students have moved quite often, leaving their family and friends behind to start over in a new country. Additionally, dealing with the changes that happen as a teenager are not easy. The Student Well-being Team can provide support and advice to parents and teenagers on their path to adulthood.

Gifted and Talented

We aim to facilitate an environment where being identified as gifted and talented is not the final destination or the benchmark of success, but rather the starting point for nurturing and realising potential. The Gifted and Talented programme adopts a highly inclusive approach, seeking to provide enriching opportunities to all and establishing a learning dialogue between staff, students and parents.

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Support Coordinators

The Support Coordinators organise both academic and emotional wellbeing support for all students in S1-S7. They liaise with Mentors and Cycle Leaders to ensure the appropriate form of support is being provided. They maintain contact with parents of students in support. They also meet regularly with their contacts in external networks to source the most appropriate forms of external support.