Residential Trips

Throughout their journey at European School The Hague, students take part in Residential Trips, requiring some days and overnight stays away from home.

Residential Trips are an important part of the European Schools curriculum as they provide experiences that complement what students learn in lessons. This is particularly important for students who are learning new languages, as immersion in language and culture provides the opportunity to put what has been learnt into practice. Many of the experiences that students have on Residential Trips extend beyond the scope of what is taught in classroom settings, making the trips very valuable learning experiences and a highlight of the school year for the students.

Teachers responsible for each Residential Trip will organise information evenings for students and parents in the lead up to the trip.

Mandatory Trips

The following Residential Trips are mandatory, as supported by the European Curriculum. If a student is unable to take part in a mandatory trip, parents should notify Secondary management as soon as possible.


S2 Camp

S4 L2 Trip

S6 Cultural Trip

Optional Trips

In addition to the mandatory trips, students may attend one other trip in one school year. If a student wishes to join additional Residential Trips, requests should be sent as a letter to the Deputy-Director explaining why their participation in the trip is important to them. Attending additional Residential Trips could be subject to other criteria such as results and absences. 

Modèle Francophone des Nations Unies


Math.en.JEANS Congress

German Exchange

S5 Wintersports

Latin Cultural Trip

S3 Math and Science Trip

Italian Cultural Trip

S3 Spanish Cultural Trip

S6 Research Science Trip

Science Symposium