Observation Cycle

Secondary years 1 to 3

Students follow a broad academic curriculum including Languages 1 and 2, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Ethics and Sport. Human Science is taught in the Language of the section in Secondary 1 and 2 and in Language 2 from Secondary 3 onwards. ICT is also a compulsory part of the curriculum in S1 and S2, and is optional in S3. Latin is offered as an option from S2 onwards.

Mentor Classes

In the Observation Cycle, Mentors use a social-emotional programme, Leefstijl, that is available in all the language sections. Mentors are annually trained to successfully deliver the content to students and explore topics that may be of relevance to each age group of students. For example; communication, making difficult decisions, how to make healthy life choices, society and you. The Cycle Leaders also supplement the Mentor programme where they feel it is necessary, with Sexual Education delivered in collaboration with the Integrated Science department, S3 Addiction lessons led by an external company, Social Media awareness week, Anti-Bullying campaigns and parent evenings to inform and work together with parents to educate their child on making safe decisions.  

Highlights of the Observation Cycle


Cycle Leaders

Each class has a Mentor who is the first point of contact for students, parents and teachers. These experienced members of staff form a group of Mentors who are supported and led by a Cycle Leader.

Cycle Leaders are responsible for overseeing the education that the teachers provide. Any questions that cannot be answered by the student's Mentor, should be directed to the Cycle Leader.