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Secondary schools to re-open 2 June

In this week’s press conference, the government announced that they plan to allow Secondary schools to re-open from Tuesday 2 June. As a Dutch school, ESH Secondary must follow the recommendations of the Dutch government. We therefore look forward to welcoming back to school all students from S1 to S6 on Tuesday 2 June. The health and safety of our students and staff remains a top priority. Once re-opened, Secondary schools will be required to operate with 1,5 metre distancing. We are currently investigating how this can be achieved at ESH Secondary, particularly in relation to the portacabins. We will inform you of our detailed plans closer to the scheduled opening date.

Please note that the last day of formal teaching for S7 students is Wednesday 20 May. We have not received any indication from the European Schools that this date will change, but if it does, you will be informed.