Preparations underway for the move into the newly renovated Aloysius building

We are pleased to confirm that the renovation is still moving ahead of schedule and we are busy with preparations to move in over the summer.

Updated delivery dates:

  • Phase I: Most classrooms and some office space: August 2020
  • Phase II: Staffroom, chapel hall, theater etc: November 2020
  • Phase III: PE halls, music rooms, classrooms etc: January 2021

Please note that until the project is complete, we will still need to make occasional use of the portacabins.

Packing will begin in the last two weeks of school. Cupboards will begin to be emptied, and offices packed away. It is a priority that this is done without disrupting lessons in the portacabins. A moving company has been arranged to move boxes to the main building.

Students are asked to take home all of their belongings at the end of the school year.

The room allocations and numbering have been completed, and can be reviewed on this technical floor plan. A user-friendly version and maps with clear room numbering is currently being created.

Practical information about accessing the new building, room numbers, maps, etc, are being prepared and will be included with the information we provide about the new school year. This is usually shared in the last week of school. As there may be new developments over the summer, we may need to share additional updates in late August too. We will endeavor to ensure that everyone has all of the information they need before September, to ensure a smooth start to the new school year.

Here is a glimpse of the attic transformation:

ESH Secondary Renovation attic transformation

These are the most recent photographs of the progress: