School books

Over the last few months, our German and Hungarian teacher, Szilvia Szita, has been leading a project to publish a book that explores the most important aspects of teaching in a European School: Best practices for multilingual classrooms.

Ms Szita called on the expertise of our ESH teaching staff to help develop the content for the book, and organised their contributions into the following topics:

  1. Languages as objects of exploration
  2. Language(s) and identity(ies)
  3. Languages and cultures
  4. Creative writing

The book presents more than 20 practical activities that teachers can use to enrich the learning in their multilingual classrooms, and includes activities such as, My heart is Dutch, my toes are Finnish, Find your language soul mate and Is my mother tongue my first language? Ms Szita believes that the book will stand-out as unique in its genre, and will make for a very inspiring guide for teachers who work in multilingual classrooms.

Congratulations Ms Szita, and all of our staff who contributed to the project! We look forward to seeing the book published in the near future!