Mindfulness ESH Secondary

In the wake of the pandemic and after long periods of online learning, ensuring our students' well-being is more important than ever. ESH Secondary’s Mindfulness programme is designed to help ESH students step back from their busy school lives to become more aware of what is actually happening with them, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen. The programme provides students with valuable skills that they can draw on in the future to manage stress and look after their well-being.



Marianne Dircx is leading the roll-out of the programme for ESH Secondary students. Along with their Mentor, groups of students in S1-S5 are participating in an 8-week long Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course led by Ms Dircx, especially designed for their age group. Every week students cover different topics such as observing and focusing, the body, senses, dealing with desire, patience, trust, letting go, communication, being kind and being happy.

Mindful activities are also offered to students as part of the extracurricular activities during lunch breaks. These sessions are run by Ms Colver, Ms Olalde and Ms Dircx in various languages. ESH Secondary staff members can also sign up for courses with Mindful Onderwijs to complete an MBSR course, a compassion and self-care training or a special teacher training.

Specialist mindfulness support lessons begin for all S6 and S7 students

In a new initiative for ESH Secondary, all S6 and S7 students will participate in mindfulness lessons, with a focus on techniques for reducing stress and developing healthy study habits in the lead up to the forthcoming exams. Mindfulness trainer, Emma Moore, will visit students during their mentor lessons to deliver strategies from the successful Mindfulness in Schools Project. Students will develop an awareness of what they are feeling and how their mind can influence their body. Through a range of introductory activities such as breathing techniques, breath counting and guided meditation, students will be encouraged to observe their mind and body connection, giving them a toolkit of skills that they can use in the future.

The roll-out of the programme begins this week with S6EnA and S7EnA. Students will participate on a weekly basis to complete two cycles of a four-week programme before the winter break.

Special thanks to Marianne Dircx and the Support Department for these valuable opportunities for our students.