Language, Learning and Wellbeing Support

A message from Ms Mostert, Secondary Support Leader

The Support Department delivers a valuable educational service to the students in our school, and we usually meet parents to discuss our work at the Curriculum Market event held at the beginning of each new school year. Due to this year’s coronavirus restrictions we were unable to introduce the work we do in person, so I would like to provide the community with a short introduction.

We adopt a learner-centred Support Policy at the European School The Hague. This means that the student's needs are at the forefront of any support given, and any learning plans or provisions made. We have a dedicated Support Team made up of highly qualified and experienced Language Support Specialists, Mathematics Support Specialists, Counsellors and Psychologists.

We recognise that all students require different levels and kinds of support for example, from language acquisition to learning needs or from emotional support to stress management, to ensure their wellbeing.

First and foremost all staff at ESH are responsible for, and committed to, providing a safe and secure environment for our students to achieve their personal best and fullfil their personal goals. Our Support staff continually review, reflect on, and report on the support needs of the students in their care and maintain an open channel for discussion with parents.

If you want to know more about the support we can offer your child, please contact their Mentor or relevant Support Coordinator.

Support Coordinators

S1-S5 Support Coordinator: Mineke von der Thusen

S6-S7 Support Coordinator: Nicoline Mostert