Students stay focused on a green future at ESH Secondary

ESH Green Club

Students in the ESH Green Club have had a visible presence in the school community this year. The students provided input into the plans for the redevelopment of the green spaces in the school, ensuring that considerations were made for the environment, sustainability, recycling and the amount of greenery.

The Green Club was also invited to present their own ideas about what actions the school could take to become ‘greener’ at a Senior Leadership Team meeting. The students presented a range of proposals including more recycling, the use of food waste and reducing the amount of paper used in the school. Longer term proposals were also pitched, including becoming an Eco-school with a clear action plan for improvements, and completing an Eco-scan report to find out how many resources the school currently produces and consumes.

Everyone can play a part!

To help save electricity, the Green Club wants to encourage all ESH Community members to remember to:

  • Turn lights off in classrooms when not in use
  • Turn the computer monitors off after use
  • Turn Smart Boards off after lessons

Personal initiative for a green future

ESH Secondary student, Millie, is undertaking her own initiative via social media to encourage others to follow a healthier, cleaner and greener way of living. Establishing her own brand called p1ant.based.1ife, Millie aims to spread the message of optimism, change and improvement moving into the future. Inspired into action by the constant media coverage of environmental issues and the urgent need to address them, p1ant.based.1ife will be used to raise awareness about climate issues and to encourage positive environmental change.

Millie believes that no voice is too small to make a difference. “My favourite quote is by Dr Seuss; it perfectly and powerfully expresses everything that I believe in.”

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Follow p1ant.based.1ife on Instagram.


Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels