Annoucement students



This year three students represented you as your Student Representatives. Paula A.W., Anna O. and Christos K. 


They led the Student Council. The Student Council regroups every class's representative. They also attended the Secondary Participation Council (SPC) meetings to represent the students' voice and the student union for accredited European School (CoSEEA) meetings, making your voice heard on a larger scale. 

They did a brilliant job, while the sanitary situation heavily disrupted the school year. For that, we should be thankful to them. 


Paula, Anna, Christos, thank you! 


Paula will leave the school next year, and she won’t be your Student Rep anymore. I’d like to express our gratitude once more in the name of our community for the work she accomplished. 


Paula, thank you! 



This year, Christos has been attending the student union for Accredited European Schools (CoSEEA). More than that, he has been elected president of the CoSEEA for next year! 



Congratulations Christos! 


Election of the new student representatives for the school year 2022-2023

All this latest information leads to two vacant student representative positions. Five students have shown interest in this role; to appoint two of them all S1 to S6 students are encouraged to vote.


The information about the candidates and the modality for voting have been sent by email. You have until June 10 (12.00) to vote.


The two candidates who will obtain more voices will become your new student reps for the next school year. An announcement will be made during the last week of this school year. 



Make sure to vote and remind your friends to vote to get students reps the more representative of our school. 



Kind regards, 



Clément Rinaldo