Our new Student Mentor programme has launched!

Last year we announced the introduction of a new Student Mentor programme, and we are proud to confirm that the programme has successfully launched!

For the first time at ESH, S5 students were given the opportunity to become Student Mentors for our new S1 students. The role of the Student Mentor is to help S1 students settle into life here at ESH Secondary. The role encompasses tasks such as taking part in P5-S1 transition activities, being present at the S1 induction days, attending S1 mentor lessons and assemblies, and joining in S1 activities and events.

This year’s Student Mentors are Millie Bentley, Danae Boudouropoulou, Emma von Hertzen, Frida Wilke Gonzalez, Alice Rabolini, Erwan Rault, Christos Kotzagiorgis, Peter Habenicht, Luisa Vazquez Azcondo, Fernando Contreras Cordero, Pietro Acquaviva, Obe de Muyt and Giulia Villa. The students have followed a training in which they learnt how to perform their role to the best of their ability, and have been very enthusiastic in making the S1 students feel right at home, especially on the first day when they were easily identifiable in their blue sweaters!

Throughout the year they will continue to be involved in S1 activities. During mentor lessons, the Student Mentors will help out with things like social climate, study skills and planning, discussing the use of social media, and helping Class Representatives prepare for Student Council meetings.

We are pleased that this programme has launched and that we have an active group of S5 students who have enthusiastically taken on this role. Well done to all of our Student Mentors for the positive impact they’ve had so far!