Michaela Jung

A message from the Deputy Director, Mrs Jung

Dear S7 students,

Your European Baccalaureate exams are a significant milestone that mark the end of your learning journey at the European School. And for this group of S7 students in particular, we all recognise that your journey to this point has presented many challenges.

The global pandemic has had a direct impact on your final two years of learning. Yet, despite this, you have remained positive, focused and dedicated to your studies. You have proven that you can overcome adversity to make the best out of challenging situations, and the resilience, flexibility and focus that you’ve needed to develop are valuable life skills that you will carry with you long after leaving ESH.

I encourage every student to keep focused on your goals to do well in the exams, but to also look after yourself. Plan your time carefully and get enough rest so that you can concentrate on doing your best. It is natural to experience some feelings of anxiety or stress during examination periods, and please remember that you have been preparing for this for a long time, and that you have a team of people who you can reach out to for help if you need it. Your Cycle Leader, Dr Emery, along with your mentor, teachers, friends, parents and the Support Department are all ready to help support you through these final weeks.

Reaching this milestone is an achievement you should be proud of. You have the full support of the ESH community as you begin this final step toward your European Baccalaureate diploma, and your future. Stay safe, look after yourself, I wish you good luck with the examinations and know that you will all do your best.

I look forward to celebrating with you at the graduation ceremony in July.