S7 Physics students participate in a radiation workshop with the University of Utrecht

Staff from the University of Utrecht visited ESH Secondary with a mobile radiation lab last week. Radiation is at the heart of the Physics syllabus in the European Baccalaureate, and because the topic of radiation involves special devices, machines, and materials, the University of Utrecht has the mandate from the Dutch Ministry of Education to provide these workshops.

S7 Physics students participated in the radiation lab which provided a valuable practical lab experience to make the topic of radiation more tangible for our students. Experiments were divided into four groups:

  • Five experiments about radioactive decay, dealing with the concept of half-life of radioactive substances.
  • Eight experiments about absorption of ionising radiation, dealing with concepts such as range, half-value thickness and absorption coefficient.
  • Four experiments about X-rays, among which the X-ray device, Bragg reflection and X-ray computed tomography are covered.
  • A miscellaneous group of seven experiments, among which the statistical nature of radiation, back scattering, the Wilson chamber, the GM counter and gamma spectroscopy are covered.

During the workshop, students performed multiple experiments, and completed at least one from each group.

Special thanks to Ms Pingo Almada and the Science Department for arranging this unique learning opportunity for our students.

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Wat is dat, ioniserende straling?

Je ziet het niet, je ruikt het niet maar toch is het overal aanwezig. We gebruiken het om energie op te wekken, te kijken in ons lichaam en ook voor genezing, in fabrieken om processen te bewaken en om voedsel langer houdbaar te maken. Toch moet je er voorzichtig mee zijn omdat het je ook ziek kan maken.

Het filmpje hieronder geeft een impressie van het practicum.