ESH Make a difference project

S4 students have started working on their Make a Difference project during their mentor lessons.

The Make a Difference project requires S4 students to participate in activities in which they make a positive contribution to their community. Students arrange their own activities such as volunteering with a community organisation, tutoring, coaching, organising charity events, helping a neighbor, volunteering in the school library, with the technical team or communications team, etc. The aim of the project is to give students an opportunity to help others without expecting anything in return, while demonstrating the school values of positivity and respect. This project is an embodiment of the school’s vision to inspire students to be responsible, future focused and proactive citizens of Europe and the world.

Each student is asked to complete one short-term and one long-term project before the end of the academic year. S4 Mentors will discuss the project requirements with their students. Documentation and forms are available for students in SMS. Any questions about the project should be directed to your child’s Mentor.