[S4] Economics Expert talk Lindt & Sprüngli

At the end of the school year, the S4 Economics students had the chance to gain insight into the global distribution network of a big player in the chocolate industry. 

Mr. Stammwitz, Head of retail at Lindt & Sprüngli Benelux B.V. visited our school and gave an inspiring presentation. We learned what an omnichannel distribution approach is, how Lindt & Sprüngli is implementing the 4 P marketing mix and why corporate social responsibility plays a key role in their business model.

After the presentation, there was enough time for constructive questions like "Do you apply cultural differentiation in marketing?", "What are the consequences for Lindt & Sprüngli of the war in Ukraine in terms of production, distribution, and pricing?" or "What are the challenges your company is facing in the next decades?" Students shared positive feedback on this initiative to bring expert knowledge and experience from business life into ESH.

This was our first Economics expert talk and we hope many will follow.