Adding some Christmas cheer to the classroom with these innovative ICT activities

3D printed ornaments

S2 students used Tinkercad to create 3D printed ornaments. Using their problem-solving skills, students learnt how to design and print strong and stable Christmas ornaments with a variety of basic shapes for more complex objects.


ICT Christmas gif


ICT Christmas photos



Electronic candle

Students coded an electronic candle that you can blow out using Micro:bits. To do this, students learnt how to make use of the new micro:bit's built-in microphone that detects the sound of your breath and turns the candle off and on again. This activity taught students how to use random numbers to light random LEDs, how to switch outputs in response to sensor inputs and how to use Boolean logic to make a switch that toggles on and off when triggered by the same event.





Interactive Christmas cards

S1 students created interactive Christmas cards by adding images and sound files in Genially, and then shared them with a QR code. This activity helped students develop creative animation and digital interactivity skills.





With special thanks to our ICT teachers, Mr Arévalo and Ms Iakovidou.