Learning and innovation hub

Our learning might have moved online, but there has still been lots of activity happening at school!

The building contractors and our dedicated concierge staff have taken advantage of the empty school to fast-track completion of some of the newly renovated spaces.

When students return to school, they will discover that our building has grown! New wings in the building have been opened, providing access to brand new classroom spaces that weren’t accessible before. The exam desks have been removed from the chapel hall to make way for new furniture, transforming the space into our new Learning and Innovation Hub.

When school re-opens, students will need to refer to the updated school map to locate their new classrooms. The school map is always available in the resources section of the ESHapp and on our website, or you can download a copy to print:

Download: ESH Secondary School Map

Curious to see what the new areas look like? Explore all of our learning spaces on our website.

Before and after ESH map


Removing the portacabins

Work is currently being undertaken to dismantle and remove the portacabins. The field will be cleared by March, allowing ground works to commence. The lawn will be repaired, the beach volleyball field will be returned and the tennis courts will be renovated.