Outdoor learning

During Physical Education we introduce students to a wide variety of different sports. We achieve this by implementing a fitness module consisting of several activities spread over the seven years at ESH. This is an important module, because if students are engaged with fitness activities from a young age, it is likely that they will continue to practice fitness later in their lives. Our fitness module also makes the transition to a gym easy because students are a familiar with the fitness exercises. Additionally, in case of another lockdown where gyms are closed, we hope to inspire students so they can transfer the knowledge and skills learned to keep fit in creative ways.

Students in the Orientation Cycle were recently introduced to bootcamp which originated in the USA. In the late 90's commercial fitness industries introduced it to the broader community to train the different muscle groups and energy systems. In this class, the students completed individual and team fitness exercises.

For students in the Observation and Pre-Orientation Cycles, we focused our attention on the positive effects that spending as little as 30 minutes per day outside can have on someone’s physical and mental well-being. It can reduce stress, improve cognitive abilities and enhance social interaction. And what better time to be walking outside and enjoying nature with all these beautiful autumn colours!

Many thanks to our dedicated PE teachers for organising these engaging outdoor learning opportunities.


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