Quebec City

Stop the clock! Our virtual trip week has come to an end!

Students have been working on a common goal to walk or run enough kilometres to collectively reach different cities around the world, by tracking their kilometres on the fitness app, Strava. Since making it to Saint Martin, we decided to head north for our final destination and have arrived in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada!

In total our community walked, ran or jogged a total of 10,740km! Congratulations to these community members for their outstanding efforts:

Most kilometres

  • Class: S3 PE- B with 686,37 km
  • Student: Patricia (S5) with 193,50 km

Most time spent exercising

  • Student: Léontine (S1) with 17,5 hours
  • Teacher: Mr van der Bruggen

The PE Department would like to thank all students, teachers and parents for joining us on this exciting journey around the world! During these tough times, actively participating in sports can lift our spirits, and even more so if we come together as a (virtual) community to achieve a shared goal. Fitness is also a great way to protect yourself from illness and maintain good physical and mental health.

The PE Department will keep providing motivating ways to encourage the community to stay active, including using Strava during the holiday next week, so keep an eye on your PE Microsoft Teams page for the details!

Many thanks for your participation and support!


Original announcement published 15 February 2021

Our virtual journey around the world during trip week

ESH travels the world


Without the pandemic, this week would have been trip week at ESH Secondary. Many of our students would have been travelling abroad for a variety of European language and cultural experiences. Instead, the PE Department has created a way for the whole school community to safely 'travel' the world, while improving their fitness and reducing screen time!

Last week, students and teachers started working on a common goal to walk or run enough kilometres to collectively reach the city of Athens, by tracking their kilometres on the fitness app, Strava. That goal was easily achieved, and despite the cold weather, the ESH Secondary community has now travelled enough kilometres to reach the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Martin!

ESH travels the world

Let's see which class has clocked the most kilometres so far:

  • Current leading class: S6 PE-C with 437,6 km
  • Current leading student: Patricia (S5)
  • Current leading teacher: Mr van der Bruggen
  • Total km: 6507,44 km

So, spend some time away from your computer screen, get out into the fresh air, keep tracking your kilometres, and let's see where our next travel destination will be!