NPO funding plan: Additional measures to strengthen learning at ESH Secondary in the wake of the Corona crisis

A message from the Support Leader, Nicoline Mostert

The Nationaal Programma Onderwijs (NPO) is a government funding programme designed to help make up for learning delays and improve education in the aftermath of the Corona crisis. A total of € 8.5 billion over the next two and a half years will be made available to educational institutions across the Netherlands.

In consultation with our teachers and stakeholders like the SPC, and within the guidelines of the funding, we have carefully considered the needs of our students and community when planning how best to use the funding for the maximum benefit to our students. Based on the outcomes of these consultations, we are pleased to announce new interventions at ESH Secondary beginning school year 2021-2022.


  • Extra lessons to close learning gaps, after school catch up clubs, homework support clubs as well as a club for planning and organization.
  • Expansion of the Subject Support Team with 1 FTE to allow more opportunities for direct instruction, one to one instruction and small group tutoring for the subjects where the knowledge gaps appear.
  • Five mindfulness lessons per week delivered by a staff member at an addition of 0,2 FTE. For test and exam anxiety, an external mindfulness specialist will come to school with a special programme for S7 students. An expansion of 0,3 FTE of hours for the School Psychologist will help in supporting staff as well as students to address the social emotional difficulties that students experience. More team sports activities and yoga lessons and equipment to facilitate these.
  • Executive Function planners will be made available for all S1, S2 and S3 students.
  • The introduction of Assistant Teachers in classes with a big variety of attainment levels. Subject coordinators have identified where these needs are.

For more information about these measures, read the full intervention plan on our website: