A look at our new facilities and renovation progress

It’s been almost two weeks since we opened the doors to Phase 1 of the renovated Aloysius building, and students are beginning to feel more settled into our new school environment. As parents have not yet been able to explore our new facilities due to the coronavirus restrictions, we want to provide a glimpse inside our new fresh and light learning environment.

Looking toward Phase 2 and 3, our builders took advantage of last year’s school closure to accelerate their progress and as a consequence, have been able to bring forward the expected delivery dates. While the renovations on Phase 2 and 3 continue, students are reminded to take care around the construction site, and always follow the directions of the concierge.

ESH Secondary Renovation

Phase 2

Estimated delivery date: November 2020

Will deliver:

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Staffroom
  • Chapel hall
  • Theater

Phase 3

Estimated delivery date: January 2021

Will deliver:

  • PE halls and change rooms
  • Musics rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Offices

Below are some photographs of the facilities that were delivered in September 2020 as part of Phase 1.







Common Rooms