Exploring mindfulness at ESH Secondary

A joint message from Ms Ruiz-Cecconello in the Library, and Ms Yucra in the Learning Hub

This week marks one month of blended learning, so we’d like to remind students about the mindfulness activities that are available to combat corona-fatigue and promote well-being during the pandemic.

Research shows that mindfulness can improve mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing of young people. It is achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting feelings and thoughts. Mindfulness can help quiet your thoughts, focus your attention, cope with frustration, stay calm under stress and get along better with others.

Last week students were invited to participate in lunchtime mindfulness sessions with Ms Dircx and Ms Colver in the Library, and a mind and soul silent disco was held outdoors to help get students moving in a fun way during the morning break.

This week, the Library has prepared a book display about mindfulness, meditation, self-care, dealing with depression, changes in the body, self-esteem, and the inspiring people who changed history. Students are also encouraged to visit the Learning Hub during their free periods to participate in a mindfulness collage activity in their mother tongue. The Learning Hub will provide the materials to work on this project, but students are welcome to bring their own materials too.

The aim of this joint theme is to help the students face the challenges of Covid-19 with positivity, and to improve well-being.