ESH Secondary Student

Over the last few months, our Gifted and Talented Coordinators, Kirsti Lansley and Nicole Meiners, have been developing ESH Secondary’s new Gifted and Talented programme, and we are delighted to announce that they are now preparing to implement the first steps in the programme roll-out.

At ESH Secondary, being identified as gifted and talented means a student has academic abilities, talents, and/or the potential for exceptional abilities that are so developmentally advanced that they require enhanced provisions to meet their educational needs. These students may have high achievement capabilities in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields.

The new programme aims to facilitate an environment where being identified as gifted and talented is not the final destination or the benchmark of success, but rather the starting point for nurturing and realising potential. Provisions in place to support students in the Gifted and Talented programme are designed to suit the needs of the student, and include working with a Talent Coach, target-setting, and access to additional resources.

The programme will be rolled-out in phases, and the policy documentation will be finalised pending review by Senior Management and the SPC. More specific details will be shared with the community over the coming months, in line with the programme’s phased implementation.

You can read more details about the first steps of the implementation, including how students are identified for the programme, and the provisions the programme offers, on our website: