Three groups of ESH Secondary students made us very proud last week as they presented the findings of their mathematical research projects during the MATh.en.JEANS live online conference. This annual event allows young people to meet researchers and practice an authentic scientific approach to problem-solving, then present their findings to other participants at the conference.

At ESH Secondary, students and staff gathered in the Learning and Innovation Hub to show their support and watch the presentations broadcast on the big screen. Many thanks to Geraldine Benmamar and Clement Rinaldo for organising this activity for our students.

If you missed the presentations, you can watch them back here. 

Project 1: Autonom Car/Voiture autonome - Scratch (FR)

Congratulations to Stelio (S3) and Olivier (S3). Watch their presentation:


Project 2: Magic Game (EN)

Congratulations to Alexander (S1), Maxine (S2), Francesco (S1) and Leontine (S1). Watch their presentation:


Project 3: Autonom Car/Voiture autonome - Python (EN/FR)

Congratulations to Dimitri (S4), Joaquin (S6), Dorian (S6), Paula (S6) and Judit (S6). Watch their presentation: