An ESHucator in 100 Days

A message from the Deputy Director, Mrs Jung

Asked to reflect on my first 100 days at ESH, it didn’t take me long to decide what to write about. This isn’t so much about me taking stock of what I have achieved in 100 days, but rather how we are moving forward as a learning community since the return to school in September, in the middle of a global pandemic and a digital transformation. Our world, the way we live and work, the way we communicate and interact, and the way we teach and learn is changing rapidly.

As educators, we are managing all these changes at the same time. As a response to Covid-19, we have put an extra focus on the wellbeing of our students, teachers and staff. We adapted to the different needs of the most vulnerable amongst us and updated our safety and hygiene concepts on a regular basis. We created a new mobile device / BYOD policy and revisited our values and promises. We hosted large virtual parent information meetings and refined our digital learning strategy. Besides the operational, we started to look into creating new outdoor education concepts for and beyond the Covid-19 days.

Our team reviewed the projections for the coming years, the budgets, expected student and staff numbers, and the facilities we need to accommodate further growth. Last but not least, we are preparing the launch of our new Learning and Innovation Hub and created concepts for capturing, documenting and sharing innovative, multilingual learning at ESH.

The first 100 days of the new school year were both intense and challenging. Leading a school during a pandemic has forced me to accelerate all the processes normally associated with settling into a new position – getting to know your new colleagues, students and parents, understanding the existing systems and work culture, the rules and regulations, and meeting stakeholders and members of the wider community to get the full picture of the environment the organisation operates in.

The only way to tackle all this in 100 days is by having a committed team around you, open to embrace change and willing to deal with an unpreceded transformation. Leadership these days is about solving small and big problems on a daily basis, building trust and communicating openly about expectations and values. I believe in creating a safe and supportive, learning-driven environment in which everybody in our community can grow and develop. It is about empowering people around you, so everybody in our school community can be a leader.

I am proud to have become an ESHucator in just 100 days – ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.