Extracurricular Activities

A message from the programme coordinator

At ESH Secondary our teachers see the potential of their students every day and are keen to further develop these skills and talents outside of the regular lessons. Our teachers see passionate students and would like to challenge them even more - have a look at all the activities your favourite department is organising if you think you are ready for a challenge!

Bringing in experts

Not only have many members of ESH staff offered to guide you in these activities, experts in their fields are looking forward to showing you all the secrets you need to know to discover and develop your talents. This year we are again bringing in some talented musicians and artists to help support your musical and creative talents.   For those who think they do not have enough time to get involved in extracurricular activities, there is also professional help on the way! If you struggle getting organized or think it is hard to keep up with school work, the Support department is also offering a variety of courses to help you.

Get involved

If you would love to join one of the activities in this brochure, get in touch with the contact listed for the activity. Reach out as soon as possible, because some activities can only proceed with a certain number of students, so the sooner you register, the sooner you can begin! If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch.

Arline Martens - Extracurricular activities programme coordinator


Under the guidance of the Student Council, students are invited to show their interest in forming new student committees. Would you like to see more social events at school? You could form a social committee. Are you interested in helping ESH become more environmentally friendly? Join the environment committee! Want to see ESH do more for those in need? Form a fundraising committee to raise funds to support charities. If you have an idea, or want to get involved, speak to your class rep, the student leaders, or Mrs Byrnes. 


ESH runs a variety of sports teams who compete against other schools. Students playing in our sports teams are invited by their PE teacher and they are selected based on their skill level. Every year the teams are revised and new places on the teams are made available for new members to join. The PE department highly recommends students participate in their local sports clubs in order to improve their chances of being selected to represent our school. The sports we run change every two years depending on the European Schools Eurosports competition.

Eurosports is a sports event which takes place every two years, in which all European Schools come together for one week to compete against each other. It is a highly prestigious event and brings an enormous skill level from the other schools, so we want to make sure we send the strongest ESH team possible. Sports teams run at ESH include volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis and aquathlon.

Speak to your PE teacher if you would like more information.


Support courses available on request. Contact Lizeth Kessels, l.kessels@eshthehague.nl