Wind Band

In S2, Music classes are taught in two different ways;

  • a general music class (playing on keyboards, glockenspiel, small instruments, singing etc)
  • a wind band class, where the students use a wind instrument in the lesson

Students in S2 may be selected to play a wind instrument, and join the wind band class. Class size is limited to 24 students, so we may not be able to select every student who applies. The selected students will be chosen based on attitude and organisation, motivation for learning the instrument and whether the student already plays an instrument. The wind band class is for beginners, so it might not be challenging enough for students who are too advanced. Those students are encouraged to join the extracurricular music activities such as the jazz band or the orchestra instead.

Listen to the Wind Band performing C Jam Blues:

Lesson Structure

During wind band music classes, students learn to play their chosen instrument. Students spend approximately half of the lesson time playing as a class, and half playing in smaller groups. Creative work is also completed and students can perform solo in front of the class to show their progress.  

  • In S2, the focus in playing will be on mastering the instrument: embouchure, breathing technique, articulation and basic music theory.
  • In S3, we will focus more on creative work, developing playing the instrument as well as listening to different music styles to train the inner hearing.

Important considerations

  • It is very important that students choose the class themselves, as they will continue with this music class allocation until the end of S3.
  • Instruments can be rented at Music All In (Noordwijk). More information will be provided in September.
  • Students will be expected to practice regularly at home (min 4 x per week for 20 min).
  • Private lessons are strongly recommended. We can recommend qualified teachers for each instrument, some of whom teach in our extracurricular activities programme.
  • A music stand is useful to have. We have stands in the Music room to use during Music lessons. It is optional whether students would like to purchase one to facilitate home practice.

The final instrument choice will be made at the start of the school year, but you can already think about which instrument you would like to play!


The following instruments are offered in the wind band class. As the number of instruments is limited, students may not get the instrument of their choice. The final allocation of instruments will be made by the Music teachers in the new school year. 


Maximum 8 students


Maximum 8 students


Maximum 4 students


Maximum 2 students


Maximum 2 students


1 student


1 student


1 student

Bass Guitar

1 student

Please consider your neighbours

Please take the following into consideration regarding your home and neighbours: 

  • Saxophones are loud instruments. It is not possible to dampen the loudness with a mute
  • The flute and clarinet are relatively neighbour-friendly instruments. 

Apply for the wind band class

The application form for the S2 wind band class will be made available to S1 students in late winter each year.