Transition to Secondary School

To ensure that ESH Primary students and parents are supported throughout their transition to secondary school, we have developed a thorough transition programme. Handover meetings between P5 and S1 teachers ensure that pedagogical continuity and continued support are provided to your children as they transition to ESH Secondary. 

Transition timeline and activities

The curriculum is tailored to meet the language needs of each student. In principle, students continue in the same language section they are in at ESH Primary. In addition to studying their European mother tongue, students also study in one of the vehicular languages of the European Union, and have the option to study a third or fourth language. Partway through their journey at ESH Secondary, students switch to studying humanities subjects in their second language, meaning they are truly bilingual upon graduation.

The Admissions Department can give you more information on how your child’s schooling might look, based on the languages your family speaks.

The European Baccalaureate is the leaving qualification for the European Schools. The certificate awarded is recognised in all countries of the European Union, and in many other countries further abroad. ESH participated in its first European Baccalaureate in 2019, and our first graduates are now attending universities around the world, in locations such as: Canada, London, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft. Their success in the European Baccalaureate has allowed them to pursue degrees in a variety of fields including: Engineering, Law, Business, Fine Art, Psychology and Science.

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Being part of the European School system provides many opportunities for students to take part in cultural trips and exchanges throughout Europe. This is particularly important for students who are learning new languages, as immersion in language and culture provides the opportunity to put what has been learnt into practice. Many of the experiences that students have on trips and exchange extend beyond the scope of what is taught in classroom settings, making the trips very valuable learning experiences and a memorable part of their secondary schooling.

Travelling abroad is a key part of our curriculum, find our more about the these experiences:

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Academic enrichment

ESH's programme of extracurricular activities offers a range of different activities to suit various interests, such as music, magic, drama, science, math, sports and publishing etc.

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Supporting our students throughout their journey at ESH is critical to their success. Each student has a mentor teacher who is the first point of contact for parents and other teachers. Students attend a lesson with their mentor each week to support their social, academic and emotional development. ESH Secondary also has a rich Support Department, made up of specialist support teachers who are able to arrange additional lessons for students who might need a little extra help. In addition, there is a homework support programme which students can attend after school. The Support Department also offers the support of psychologists to provide social and emotional support as needed.

Our Gifted and Talented programme and state-of-the-art Learning and Innovation Hub provide opportunities for students to expand their learning beyond the scope of the curriculum and focus on the topics they are passionate about.

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We are ESH Community

We are proud of our multicultural community and value the cultural diversity that each family brings to our school. Not only do we celebrate community within the school, we also provide opportunities for students to play an active role in their local and global communities.

The Make a Difference Project requires students to participate in activities in which they make a positive contribution to their community such as volunteering with a community organisation, tutoring, coaching, organising charity events, helping a neighbor, etc. The aim of the project is to give our students an opportunity to help others without expecting anything in return, while living the school values of positivity and respect. The Student Mentor programme gives our older students the opportunity to become Student Mentors for our new students. The programme not only forms an important part of the transition programme for new Secondary students, it provides our older students with more opportunities to complete acts of service and develop their leadership skills.

As out partners in education, we also value our active parent community and encourage all parents to become involved in the school community.

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