Academic updates: SMS and Webuntis

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School Management System (SMS) is the platform used by all European Schools to manage the academic progress of students. Teachers use SMS as a communication tool between them, their students and parents. The platform allows them to record absences, homework, assignments, grades and reports.

Students should access SMS to review their timetable, course work, homework and grades. Parents can also login to see the same information, as well as monitor their child’s attendance. Reports are published in SMS and are also accessible by students and parents.

If you need to contact a teacher, a full list teachers' email addresses is available in SMS.

Students can login to SMS using their student email address, and parents can login by following the instructions in the invitation they will receive by email.

SMS: Login

SMS: A guide for parents 

Questions? Contact your Mentor or the Secondary Office:


Each student also has an account with Webuntis where they can review their timetable. Timetables are published in Webuntis, and are then synced with SMS. To view their timetables, students can login using their school email address. Parents to not have access to Webuntis, but they can view their child's timetable in SMS.

Webuntis: Login

Questions? Contact your Mentor or the Timetablers:

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