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Welcome to S7!

This will be a very special year for you at ESH. Not only will you complete your European Baccalaureate, but when you return to school in September you will be our new student leaders. Younger students will look up to you as role models, and there is an element of responsibility that comes with being in such a position. We are confident that as you prepare to leave the school and become the leaders of tomorrow, you will set a strong example for the other students at our school.

Wednesday 2 September

To reduce crowding at the school gate, there will be a staggered start time on Wednesday 2 September. S7 students can arrive anytime between 08:45 and 09:15. To adhere to the coronavirus requirements, parents are asked to drop you off at the front gate without entering the school grounds. When you enter the new school building you will be directed to the portacabins for your first assembly. As the school building is a new environment for all students, staff will ensure that you are also guided to your mentor classroom so you won't get lost.

Your first day of school will end at 12:45. View your full schedule here:

Download your schedule for Wednesday 2 September

Meet your Mentor and Cycle Leader

You will meet your Mentor teacher on the first day of school and they will help you access your timetable in Webuntis. During your mentor lessons you can ask your Mentor for help with any issues you may be experiencing or questions you might have. S7 mentor lessons will also be used to explore your post-Baccalaureate options, and you will be given the opportunity to meet with the Careers Counsellor, Mrs van Heeswijk. Your Mentor will also be the point of contact between your parents and the school. If they have any questions about your education, they should contact your Mentor first.

The Orientation Cycle Leader is Dr Emery. She is responsible for overseeing the education your teachers will provide, and for arranging the European Baccalaureate examinations. If you have questions that your Mentor cannot answer, you can contact Dr Emery. You will meet Dr Emery at the assembly on the first day of school. Support staff will also be present at the assembly to introduce themselves and briefly explain the support they offer.

S7 Curriculum

Having progressed through the cycles at ESH, we hope that you have attained the skills required to be an independent learner who takes responsibility for your studies, and that you have developed good study routines which will be necessary for the successful completion of the European Baccalaureate. Depending on your subject choices, this year you will have B-Tests, pre-Baccalaureate written exams, and Baccalaureate written and oral exams. More information about the EB will be shared with you soon.

Graduation and Alumni

After the completion of your European Baccalaureate, we are looking forward to celebrating your achievements in a graduation ceremony. We will discuss the arrangements with you to ensure that the ceremony is a memorable moment for you and your peers. We have also established the ESH Alumni network, and some of our members have volunteered to provide advice and support to our students through a mentor program. Toward the end of the school year, you will also be invited to join the ESH Alumni to stay in touch with the school community.

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