Information for S2 students

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Welcome to S2!

Wednesday 2 September

To reduce crowding at the school gate, there will be a staggered start time on Wednesday 2 September. S2 students can arrive anytime between 08:30 and 09:00. To adhere to the coronavirus requirements, parents are asked to drop you off at the front gate without entering the school grounds.

Students will be greeted on arrival and staff will be present to inform each student which mentor class they are in. As the school building is a new environment for all students, staff will ensure that students are guided to their classrooms so that no one gets lost.

The Canteen will not be open on the first day of school, so please bring your own lunch. Your first day of school will end at 14:15. View your full schedule here:

Download your schedule for Wednesday 2 September

Meet your Mentor and Cycle Leader

You will meet your Mentor teacher on the first day of school and they will help you access your timetable in Webuntis. During your mentor lessons you can ask your Mentor for help with any issues you may be experiencing or questions you might have. Your Mentor will also be the point of contact between your parents and the school. If they have any questions about your education, they should contact your Mentor first.

The Observation Cycle Leader is Ms Bemath. She is responsible for overseeing the education your teachers will provide. If you have questions that your Mentor cannot answer, you can contact Ms Bemath. You will meet Ms Bemath at the assembly on the first day of school. Support staff will also be present at the assembly to introduce themselves to the students and briefly explain the support they offer.

As S2 students, you are no longer the youngest in the school. The new group of students who join us in S1 will be looking up to you to set an example of how ESH students behave. This is an important responsibility, and we know that you have the skills to become positive role models for our youngest students.

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