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The ESHapp is the main method of communication for the Secondary school community. It provides all news and announcements from ESH Secondary, up-to-date calendars of all Secondary events, daily canteen menu, access to important documents, photos, videos and more. All of the information in the ESHapp can also be found in the Parent Portal, so you will never miss an update.

New students and parents will receive an email inviting them to login once their accounts have been activated. 

Download and log in

Search for the European School The Hague on the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, or click the following links for direct download:

Download for Apple

Download for Android

In order to access all features, you must log in. The content in the ESHapp is drawn from the same source as the Parent Portal, and therefore your login details will be the same on both platforms.

Log in to the app using the same credentials you use to access the Parent Portal on our website. Parents need to set their own password on the Parent Portal, before they can log in to the app.

Read the login guide for parents

Students and staff can log in using their school credentials, for example, student usernames are their student number, and staff usernames are the first half of their email address.

Read the login guide for staff and students

Watch the following video and review the FAQs below. Need help?

Email Communications

Video introduction


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

The ESHapp is designed to be used by all Secondary students, parents and staff. As independent learners who are developing a responsibility for their own education, ESH Secondary expects all students to stay up-to-date with news from the school. The app allows us to deliver targeted content only to those people who need to see it, meaning you won’t have to read messages that aren’t relevant to you, such as announcements about subject choices for S2, if your child is in S6.

The ESHapp also lets you filter content to view only the messages that are important to you. Calendars can also be filtered in the same way, to help you stay up-to-date with the events at the school. And you won’t need to browse the website looking for resources like special leave requests and school holiday calendars, as these are now available in the app.

Will I also receive emails from the school?

Yes, Secondary Office staff are responsible for administrative tasks, and they may need to contact you by email. This may include information about residential trips, parent-teacher meetings, absences, reports, invoice reminders, warning letters and withdrawal information. Communications staff will work closely with the Secondary Office staff to ensure most information will be published on the ESHapp to reduce the reliance on emails. Teachers, Cycle Leaders and the Support department might also reach out to you by email regarding your child’s academic progress.

Is the platform safe?

Yes, we value your privacy, so both the Parent Portal and the ESHapp are GDPR compliant, and sensitive news and information is password protected. The only information about our staff, parents and students used in the running of the portal and app is the account information required to login. This data stays encrypted and is stored securely in line with GDPR regulations. You can read more information about this in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

I don’t want to download an app

The ESHapp is the most efficient way to stay up-to-date with news, events and announcements from ESH Secondary, and we strongly encourage all students, parents and staff to install it. But ultimately, the decision is yours. Be aware that you wont receive school communications by email, so if you choose not to download the ESHapp, you will need to routinely check the news on the Parent Portal instead.

Why is this app different to the Primary school app?

Primary and Secondary schools are structured differently, and therefore have different needs. The Social Schools app used at ESH Primary allows teachers to post updates about their class – this set up isn’t suited to a Secondary school where students see multiple teachers each day. Using the Social Schools app would duplicate the work that our Secondary teachers do in SMS, which is the platform required by the European Schools to keep students and parents updated on homework, grades, assignments and academic progress. The ESHapp meets the needs of the Secondary school to fill the communication gaps that SMS cannot provide.

I have news to share!

Have you achieved something exceptional? Are you starting up a new student group? Did your team win a tournament? Are you hosting an event and want to spread the word? Looking for volunteers? Raising money for charity? We are always looking for news to share with the ESH Secondary community, and now it’s easy to share yours! Provide all of the relevant information via the form on the contribute page of the website, and we’ll action your request as quickly as possible.


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