[UPDATE] Introduction of laptops to classrooms in 2020-2021

Update published: September 2020

Choose your own device / Bring your own device (CYOD/BYOD)

As announced last year, we are introducing laptops into the classrooms for students under a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) programme. A working group has been formed to develop a policy for laptop use, focusing on a code of conduct for appropriate use, and a policy focusing on didactical strategies for the proper and balanced use of devices in day-to-day education. The working group will meet on 16 September with Ilse Tacken, an external expert on ICT implementation in schools, and we will keep the community updated on the progress.

Revised timeline

Online information sessions for parents and students:

  • Orientation Cycle - 18:00 Tuesday 13 October
  • Pre-Orientation Cycle - 18:00 Wednesday 14 October
  • Observation Cycle - 18:00 Thursday 15 October

Deadline to place an order: Friday 30 October

Delivery of devices: Monday 23 November

More information about the information sessions will be shared at a later date.

Original message published: July 2020

A message from the Deputy Director

Choose your own device / Bring your own device (CYOD/BYOD)

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of developing a new scheme to provide our staff and students with laptops in the new school year.

The coronacrisis highlighted how important it is for our teachers and students to be equipped with the technology they need to successfully participate in digital teaching and learning. We have therefore decided to fast-track this scheme so it can be implemented sooner than was originally planned.

The CYOD/BYOD programme is not compulsory, and parents will decide whether their child uses a device or not. Students who already have a device may have the option to bring their own device to school (BYOD). Those who do not have a device, will have the option to choose your own device (CYOD) through our external provider.

Our aim is not to become a fully computer-based school. We recognise the importance for our students to gain a balanced education which includes learning that takes place away from a computer screen. We are also aware of the risks that come with increasing the use of technology in education, and have therefore prioritised the development of the following policies.

The ICT policy working group will develop a policy for laptop use focusing on a code of conduct for appropriate use that covers issues such as cyber-bullying, privacy, gaming, safe internet usage, etc. Additionally, a policy will be developed that covers didactical strategies for the proper and balanced use of devices in day-to-day education. This ongoing process will be designed to ensure that students without a device are not disadvantaged. The aim is to have the draft policies ready to be submitted for review by the SPC before the autumn break.

In previous years we have seen success with educational programmes designed to help protect and empower our students, and educate them on safe and appropriate internet usage, like the workshops delivered by Stichting BeAware. These workshops are currently part of the S3 mentor programme, but we will examine the possibility of extending it to all students, with age-appropriate content.

Practical information

We understand that parents will have many questions about the practical details of this plan.

What is the cost? Which devices can I choose from? Should I purchase my own device, or rent one? What are details regarding insurance, damage and repairs? Etc.

We have engaged the services of an external service provider, The Rent Company, who are experienced in the education sector and will manage the CYOD programme, including ordering, delivery, insurance, repairs etc. In September they will run an information evening and Q&A session for parents (or online webinar, depending on the coronavirus rules), to provide all of these practical details to parents. This will enable parents to decide if they wish to participate in the programme, and whether to CYOD or BYOD.

Though participating in the CYOD/BYOD is not compulsory, we encourage all parents to attend the information session, so that you are fully informed to make the best decision for your family.



  • Detailed information provided to parents
  • Parent information sessions with The Rent Company
  • The Rent Company webpage set up for ordering
  • Deadline to order a device: 30 September

Before autumn break

  • Code of conduct and ICT educational policies submitted to SPC
  • Policies published for the community

After autumn break

  • Delivery of CYOD devices
  • Students who BYOD can start bringing their devices to school

More information

We see this as a positive step in the right direction for the continual improvement of educational experiences for our students at ESH. More details will be provided when school returns in September.

At this time, we recommend that parents wait until the full details of the plan are announced before asking questions, as the practical details will be provided by The Rent Company in September. However, if you have any concerns that you would like the SPC to consider when approving the new policies, feel free to share your thoughts with your Parent Reps pcsec@eshthehague.nl