Parent survey: How will your children travel to school and home again in 2020-2021?

In order for ESH Secondary to comply with government requirements, we need to collect information from all families (S1-S7) about how they intend to travel to school and home again. Parents, please complete the following survey:

Transport plans for on-site education at ESH Secondary

Transport guidelines

  1. Students should walk or cycle to school.
  2. For those who live too far away to cycle (more than 8kms from the school), parents will need to bring students to school by car or use our school bus service.
  3. If possible, public transport should not be used by students to get to school.

Public Transport

If public transport is the only way you can get to school and home again, we need to report this to the public transport service. Anyone travelling by public transport needs to wear a face mask. For those who have no other option but to use public transport, ESH is required to report the following information to the public transport providers:

  • time of travel
  • stops/stations used
  • means of transport (bus, train etc.)
  • home postcode

Names, addresses and other personal details will not be shared. One staff member at ESH will be responsible for handling this data and sharing it securely with the appropriate public transport providers. Please complete the 'transport plans' form above to provide this information.

School Bus

Private bus service, Achttax, are providing services under the following guidelines:

  • Maintaining a 1,5m distance is not necessary, but all students are required to wear non-medical face mask while on the bus. The bus service will not provide face masks, so students will need to bring their own.
  • At the point of collection, the driver will establish if the student can enter the bus by checking if they are wearing a face mask, and asking some questions to ensure they don’t have symptoms.
  • The bus drivers are protected by a screen, so they do not have to wear a mask, but a distance of 1,5m must be maintained when outside of the bus.
  • After the buses are empty they are thoroughly cleaned according to the required guidelines.

More information about the Achttax bus service Contact Achttax.

School Bus Service