ESH PE kits being introduced for school year 2020-2021

From September a new ESH PE kit is being introduced, which can be worn during PE lessons and sporting competitions. The PE kit has been specifically designed to a high quality and is available in both male and female fit.

The kit is made up of the following elements:

  • Shirt - compulsory €26
  • Shorts - optional €20
  • Socks - optional €7,50
  • Leggings - optional €30
  • Shipping costs: €5

The PE department will provide sizing samples for the students to use. Ordering can be placed through the supplier’s specially customized website which is currently under construction, and will be shared with you soon. The kits will be sent to the home address of the student.

PE Subject Coordinator, Mr van der Bruggen, hopes that the new PE kit will foster a feeling of pride and belonging for students, particularly when they participate in competitions with other schools. The introduction of the kit will also help promote the importance of personal hygiene, as students are expected to shower and change after their PE lessons.

For more detailed information, read the new Physical Education policy

ESH Secondary PE Kit