Back to school: 2020-2021 at ESH Secondary

We look forward to seeing you at Oostduinlaan 50 on Wednesday 2 September 2020! This webpage provides all of the information you need to know about the new school year at ESH Secondary.

Final updates

Published: Tuesday 1 September

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Coronavirus Update

The Dutch government has confirmed that all secondary schools will reopen completely after the summer holidays. Secondary students are no longer required to maintain a distance from each other. However, the 1,5 metre distance must be maintained between students and staff.

To review our COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol, and for detailed information about how we plan to provide a safe school environment, please visit our coronavirus webpage:

Coronavirus Information

Returning from vacation?


Quarantine rules after a holiday in orange and red countries

Parents, staff and students can, just like everyone in the Netherlands, receive urgent advice after a stay abroad to go into home quarantine for 10 days upon their return.

Check your holiday destination to see if you are required to complete a 10 day quarantine at home:

Visit website: Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Your first day

Select your year level to see what time to arrive on Wednesday 2 September, your schedule for the first day of school and other important information.

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Timetables will be published in Webuntis on your first day of school, Wednesday 2 September. Your mentor teacher will be available to answer any questions you may have about your timetable. We are very proud of the unique curriculum that our school offers, but such a diverse curriculum may occasionally result in inconvenient scheduling, such as free periods, or the same subject being taught twice on the same day. Our Timetablers have worked hard to eliminate occurrences like this, but it cannot always be guaranteed. We thank you for your understanding.

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We recommend bringing at least a pen and notebook to your first few lessons, so that you can take down important notes. Each of your subject teachers will tell you what you need to buy for their classes. After you have met all of your subject teachers, you will have a complete list of items you need.

Textbooks are provided on loan through the Library, and your teachers will show you where to collect the books you'll need for your classes. These books will be scanned out from the Library on your account, so you will be responsible for ensuring that the books remain in good condition, and are returned when they are no longer needed. You will receive some textbooks on the first day of school, so please bring a bag with you.

Below is a general list of stationery that you might need throughout the year. You do not need to bring these items on the first day, but are expected to have all of your stationery and study materials before the start of week 3 at the latest.



We are delighted to announce that the Canteen will be open in the new school building, and will be serving lunch starting Thursday 3 September.

The canteen is run by Lof Catering, who provides hot lunches, sandwiches and snacks. To register for lunch please complete the form on the Canteen webpage.

Canteen registration

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Important news about the new school year

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