Located in the historic Aloysius building, ESH Secondary provides students with a vibrant, multicultural and multilingual environment in which to complete their Secondary education in preparation for university and beyond. After opening in 2014, ESH Secondary has seen rapid growth and now educates 700 students.

European Baccalaureate

The European Baccalaureate is the leaving exam for European Schools, and is accepted for university entrance throughout Europe and the world. Since first participating in 2019, all candidates who have participated in the European Baccalaureate have successfully graduated from ESH. Our graduates are now attending universities around the world, and their success in the European Baccalaureate has allowed them to pursue degrees in a variety of fields including: Engineering, Law, Business, Fine Art, Psychology and Science.

Multilingual curriculum

The European Schools curriculum focuses on applied language learning. In addition to studying their European mother tongue, students also study in one of the vehicular languages of the European Union, and have the option to study a third or fourth language. Partway through their journey at ESH Secondary, students switch to studying humanities subjects in their second language, meaning they are truly bilingual upon graduation.

Support for success

To ensure their well-being, we recognise that all students require different levels and kinds of support, from language acquisition to learning needs or from emotional support to stress management. Our dedicated Support Team, made up of highly qualified and experienced Learning Support Specialists, Counsellors and Psychologists continually review, reflect on, and report on the support needs of the students in their care and maintain an open channel for discussion with parents.

Academic enrichment

A key feature of learning at ESH Secondary are the residential and day trips that extend education beyond the scope of what is taught in the classroom. Trips require some days and overnight stays away from home, and are an important part of learning at ESH as they  provide opportunities for students to use their European language skills. To further develop their talents outside of regular lessons, students are also encouraged to participate in our Extracurricular Activities programme, which offers a wide-range of opportunities from the sciences and technology to performance and publishing.

Explore our facilities

The Aloysius school on Oostduinlaan was declared a municipal monument in 2010. ESH Secondary moved to the premises in 2018, and completed a significant renovation project to modernise the facilities, while maintaining the historical integrity of the building. The renovation project delivered new science and ICT labs, a large Learning and Innovation Hub, sports facilities, a library, theatre, new classrooms, large art and music rooms, and new kitchen and canteen facilities.


For more information about the European Schools curriculum, including the full list of subjects offered, and in which languages, please see the details on each of the Cycle pages:

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