Wellbeing and Child Protection

At ESH we know that schooling is about much more than academic progress and a diploma. We want to inspire our students to become responsible, future focused and proactive citizens of Europe and the world. This is why we have changed our school mission.

Our Mission is to provide a positive, open-minded community, that fosters ambition through rich cultural and academic opportunities, inspiring lifelong learning.

In the daily routines of school, we want to promote student wellbeing and use positive approaches to manage student behaviour and prevent problems. How do we do this? We attempt to create a social, supportive school and classroom climate with values which build a sense of community. Our ESH core values are the principles which direct our choices and behavior and, simultaneously, promote wellbeing at ESH.


  • We strive to reach our full potential
  • We accept challenges and have a passion for finding solutions


  • We focus on the positive aspects of all situations
  • We buld a constructive and positive environment from which everyone benefits


  • We show respect for people, possessions, our planet, protocols and ourselves
  • We accept the differences, strengths and weaknesses of others.  

Parent involvement

It is well known that parents are a major influence in developing happy, healthy and well behaved children. At ESH we consider parents our “partners in education”. We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome to contact their child’s teachers / mentors. We also believe parent education is key to building strong families and communities, we offer regular parent education presentations, to support our families (link to parents page with this info).

students with high levels of wellbeing tend to have better academic and life outcomes, in school and beyond.

Support at ESH

Our professional and compassionate support staff are available to help children with emotional, social and academic needs. All teachers will intervene when students experience problems relating to wellbeing. We also have a school psychologist. Please click here for more information on our Support Team.

Wellbeing through School

Our children have multiple ways to socialize at school, developing friendships and solidifying relationships to give them a sense of belonging and community. Whether it's working together in class, playing at breaks, an after school activity, leadership opportunity, sports tournament or a Secondary school social. Our school encourages healthy lifestyle choices in food, online and physical activities. 

Our PTA Summer Fair is example of adding the "fun factor" to school life, along with the fundraising events leading up to it. 
ESH has a behavior booklet and student charter in the parent portal.
ESH does not tolerate any form of bullying. We have strategies to prevent and respond to bullying and we take immediate action to protect the victim.

Third Culture Kids

Our ESH community is enriched by our multicultural and multilingual staff, students and parents. We appreciate and celebrate the diversity within our school. However, for some, it is more challenging to live in a “foreign” country. It’s therefore important for staff and parents to consider, develop and contribute to wellbeing at school to help children feel at home here in The Netherlands. We know that for expat children...

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”

Child Protection

ESH is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of our children. We take steps to protect children from all forms of child abuse and neglect and will act in children’s best interests to keep them safe from harm. We regard our child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and provide the necessary resources to staff and parents to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations to maintain a child safe culture. More information about child protection at ESH is available in our Safeguarding and Anti-bulling policies.


Recruitment of Staff

ESH also has a high standard of recruitment practice with attention to child protection. All applicants are subject to a screening process that includes: verification of qualifications; obtaining two references from previous employers and obtaining current and previous certificates of good conduct (VOG verklaaring omtrent het gedrag).