School Guide

Our School Guide provides families in our community with the information they need to know about attending our school. Browse the information below, or download the full plain text document:

Download: ESH School Guide 2020-2021 (Plain text PDF)

Welcome to ESH

A message from Mr Frans van de Kerkhof, Director

Welcome to a new school year at the European School The Hague. As our students embark on the next step of their educational journey, the European School The Hague is committed to providing a positive, open-minded community to foster their ambition. Through the rich cultural and academic experiences that our teachers will provide this school year, we aim to inspire our students to be responsible, future focused, and proactive citizens of Europe and the world. The information provided in this school guide outlines the functions in our school that will allow to us to achieve success in 2020-2021.

About our school

General information

Support at ESH

Primary School

A message from Mr Eugene Voorneman, Deputy Director Primary

This school guide is a fundamental pillar in the organisation of our school. The school guide offers insight into what it means to be educated at the European School of The Hague Primary. It is the basis of our policies, it guides expectations for pupils, parents and staff and should answer many frequently asked questions. As we communicate in our mission, vision, core values and key competences, ESH is committed to offering an education that equips pupils to use the talents they have to achieve the best possible results, both academic and personal. Like our unique school, we consider this document dynamic and will make annual evaluations and adaptations to suit the changing circumstances of our productive school life. We will update you with emails and newsflashes as well as on the Social Schools app or via the parent portal of our website. As we enter the year 2020 – 2021 we are proud of our progress over the last 8 years. Please feel free to give feedback on the school guide. One may contact us, or our middle management team, if you have any questions. On behalf of the staff of the ESH, I wish both pupils and parents a successful and pleasant school year.

Secondary School

Michaela Jung2

A message from Ms Michaela Jung, Deputy Director Secondary

A warm welcome to the school year 2020-2021 at the European School The Hague, and to our newly renovated secondary building. We are looking forward to guiding our students in their learning journey, and toward the completion of their European Baccalaureate. Our dedicated teachers are working hard to offer enriching opportunities in all areas of learning, cultural, social and academic, and to foster curiosity and an ambition for lifelong learning in our students. Along with our policy documents that can be found in the Parent Portal, this school guide is your handbook to the multi-lingual education and learning opportunities offered at ESH Secondary. The guide will provide you with an overview of the operations at our school. I am happy to report that our school community is growing, and I would like welcome all of our new students, staff and families who have joined us at ESH this year. We value the positive contributions families bring to our school, as our community is enriched by the diversity of experiences and cultures that everybody brings to ESH. On behalf of all of the staff at ESH, I wish our students an enjoyable and successful year of learning!