Primary School Library

From the moment you enter our libraries, their purpose is evident – to develop a love of reading in all children. The primary school has two beautiful libraries: one for Early Years and P1 (typically ages 4-6) and another library for P2 – p5 students (typically ages between 6 – 11).

The primary school libraries aim to create a culture of reading. We believe that reading has a positive impact on all areas of students’ learning and student wellbeing in general.  

With over 30.000 books, audiobooks, magazines and comics, the primary libraries not only complement classroom learning, but also serve as an additional learning environment. Above all, both libraries offer a place where students can read for pleasure at a pace that suits them.

We believe every child loves to read; some just need a little help finding their stories and that is what we are here for. 

If your child is interested in fact or fiction, an avid or reluctant reader - our friendly librarians can help them to find books to pique their interest.

Good to know:

  • All Early Years and Primary children visit once a week. 
  • On Wednesdays our Mother Tongue and L2 classes visit. 
  • Early Years children borrow two books and Primary up to three books per week. 
  • All children are supplied with a yellow library bag when they first start school at ESH.

If your child is a bookworm or forgets their books on their library day, we have free access every morning from 8.30am to 8.45am.

Borrow Box

ESH students can access Borrow Box - an English language library app which gives access to a giant catalogue of childrens' and young adult audiobooks and ebooks. 


Bookflix for Kids

Slovenian Story Time

Secondary School Library-Mediatheek

The Secondary Mediatheek offers students a unique space to connect, learn and grow. We have resources to help students with their studies, presentations, group work and assignments. Students can use and borrow a great variety of resources, from books and Kindles to iPads, calculators, magazines, and online encyclopedias. To encourage reading for pleasure, our book collection includes non-fiction books, novels, magazines, comics and mangas in 16 different European languages. Furthermore, we have an area called “MakerSpace” with tools that students can use to experiment, learn and get creative.

We also provide information on media literacy to all groups, teaching skills on how to search and analyze information, skills that are needed not just for school studies but also for life! We encourage students to discover new ways of thinking about information, to be more critical about what they read as well as how to be a responsible digital citizen.

Inside the Mediatheek you will find areas to work, either in groups or individually. Be inspired by our displays of books and participate in different activities, like the Book Clubs, music performances, art and craft sessions and chess tournaments. Connect with your fellow students using the board and card games available. Create something unique using the makerspace tools and material. Be part of the library and have a say in how it works by joining the library council. Whether to study or relax, read, connect with friends or create, the Mediatheek is a great place to visit!

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