School Life

We are ESH

Walking through ESH primary or secondary school, one can sense the positive atmosphere, with students and staff bustling from one part of school to another, smiling and laughing, or waving as they go. But it is the sound of so many European langauges that makes our school feel so unique to visitors. 

One of our main objectives is to:

To give pupils confidence in their own cultural identity – the bedrock for their development as European citizens.

At ESH it's important for us to celebrate each European National Day. To recognise the occasion, our schools hang up the National flags outside the school, promote these days on Social Media and internal TV screens,  and the Mother Tongue departments organise celebrations with their students. 

  • Basic instruction is given in the official languages of the European Union. This principle allows the primacy of the pupil’s mother tongue (L1) to be safeguarded.
  • To foster the unity of the school and encourage genuine multi-cultural education, there is a strong emphasis on the learning, understanding and use of foreign languages. This is developed in a variety of ways.‚Äč (Source in link below)

Educational Principles of European Schools


The European School the Hague is bound to Dutch rules and regulations concerning absences and special leave. ESH is required to inform the Compulsory Education Officer of the municipality of The Hague of unauthorized absences from school. Special leave from school can be granted for a range of different reasons. Parents can find the special leave request form in the parent portal.

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Sports contribute to overall physical, social-emotional as well as cognitive development of students. While playing with other students from school, sports provide a sense of belonging, team spirit, leadership, self-esteem, self-confidence and respect among the children.

Sport teaches so many life skills including honesty, integrity, fair play, and teamwork. Children who participate in sports get these beneficial opportunities. ESH has specialist PE teachers who lead and coach the students for local inter-school Dutch tournaments for primary, and inter-school European tournaments for our secondary school.


Making music has a positive effect on school performance. It stimulates the mind and body to work together. Music increases happiness and is well known to stimulate brain development as well as ignite creativity. Social and emotional growth is enhanced as music connects us with other people.

At ESH, students are given the opportunity to play a musical instrument (as an extracurricular activity or in primary music lessons) - which contributes to their motor development and promotes discipline and perseverance. Making music together teaches children to take others into account and stimulates the development of social and emotional skills. Whether it’s through a school band, small ensemble, or just singing together, making music encourages bonding and creates positive memories.


As educators at ESH, we have a valuable opportunity to help students develop and exercise leadership in a responsible manner. Therefore ESH plays a role in helping students, who are members of the school council, develop their leadership skills in order to reach their full potential as future leaders.

At the primary school, we have a P5 Pupils Council and a P4 Eco-Team. At the Secondary School, we have many leadership opportunities, as class representatives, student representatives in the SPC as well as the Student Council.

Student leadership

Security at ESH

In our school we require the wearing of school-issued ID badges with colour-coded lanyards. 

  • Staff lanyards are blue with the school name. Primary parents receive two green lanyards (per pupil) with badges with the photo of their child. Secondary pupils receive orange lanyards for their ID badge. Visitors receive a yellow lanyard with a visitor’s badge at the reception. Please click on the link to read more.ESH school badges