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French Coffee Morning

Spanish Coffee

Italian Coffee Morning

At ESH we consider parents our partners in education. Together with the school, the PTA organises regular EU coffee mornings to enhance the community spirit and facilitate multicultural mixing. We also work with parents in organising events and outings. 

We need your positive support as the school grows and adapts to the changing environment.

We ask parents for support in a number of ways, here are a few:

  1. Keep connected to us: read the Newsflash and school announcements via your personalised Social Schools account.
  2. Become a Class Representative or support your Class Rep.
  3. Volunteer to accompany children on excursions.
  4. Help with PTA events (eg: European coffee Mornings / Cake Sales).
  5. Give helpful feedback to staff.
  6. Assist with class or school celebrations and parties. 
  7. Keep talking to your children about school.
  8. Attend the monthly parent education presentations in the "Treffit" Parent Cafe.
  9. Send emails to our formal consultative bodies, such as the Participation Council (PC).
  10. Parents are also invited to join other committees, including the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), focus-groups, a canteen committee, a playground committee, and just to get involved in other school activities when invited.

Multicultural parents

Slovenian Coffee

Greek & Romanian

Parents Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate

We are so grateful to our committed parents who are always happy to help with school functions, events and fundraisers. The PTA is responsible for adding a positive social element to school through our European coffee mornings and book, bake / balloon sales. They organise the festive family Summer Fair each year and help out with anything at school, including re-decorating the parent cafe or  gardening!

Link to photos of Parent Cafe

Link to 2019 Summer Fair video 


Parent Education Presentations (PEP)

We work together on developing children’s cognitive skills - but also their affective skills (the manner in which we deal with things emotionally, such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms, motivations, and attitudes).

It is obvious that parents are a major influence on developing happy, healthy and well behaved children.  Parent education is key to building strong families and communities.

On a regular basis, Parent Education Presentations are held for our parent community, with specific themes and topics. This could be related to different parenting styles, supporting children through the various developmental phases or even healthy habits when it comes to social media, screen time, etc.

PC, PTA & Class Reps

Celebrating Spain

ESH parent collaboration