Parent Education Presentations

It's well known that we, the parents, are a major influence in raising happy, healthy and well-behaved children.

Parent education is key to raising children and building strong families and communities. 

In October, we will start a new series of parent education presentations (PEPs). 

All presentations start at 8pm, will be approximately one hour in duration and be followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.
All questions should wait until the end of the presentation, or according to the speaker's preferences. 


School readiness for expat children

20:00 Wednesday 2 June 2021

Speaker: Lynne Byatt, Early Years Education Specialist

Raising children in a foreign country has additional challenges, and parents often wonder if their little one is ready for an easy and successful transition to school. While many will think in terms of academics, social skills and language proficiency are equally helpful for an optimal move to primary school. This presentation will offer a holistic and realistic perspective on school readiness. 

Raising bi/multilingual children

20:00 Monday 7 June 2021

Speaker: Stephanie Kustner, Psychologist Kühler & Partners International Mental Health Center and ESH Primary.

Also teaching your children French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch? Are you worried about the difficulties of having two or more languages at home? This presentation will cover language development and how – if – this differs in mono- bi- and multilingual children. We will also discuss some of the social, cultural and academic benefits of being raised bi/multilingual as well as fluency, literacy and adequate input in L1/Mother Tongue, L2 or L3/4. The aim of this talk is to help parents select a strategy that works best for their family here in The Netherlands. 

Expat wills and testaments

20:00 Monday 14 June 2021

Speaker: Yolanda Bokhorst, Dutch family law specialist and Notary at van Buttingha Wichers.

Every parent should have a will to avoid legal or tax-related problems, should the un-thinkable happen. Married or living together, if you die while resident in the Netherlands, your entire estate will be subject to Dutch inheritance tax and the courts will want a legally appointed guardian to take custody of your children. This talk will give parents need-to-know information to get it done and gain peace of mind.

Tots, toddlers & screen time

20:00 Tuesday 22 June 2021

Speaker: Stephanie Baumgarten-Kustner, Psychologist Kühler & Partners International Mental Health Center and ESH Primary.

We all know excessive screen time isn’t good for our little ones. While it can act as an electronic babysitter and give parents some valued free time, making good (programme) choices and developing good (screen time) habits at home while children are still young may help avoid the negative effects on today’s “screenagers”.  This presentation will talk about young children and computers and the impact screen time has on their development. 

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