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The Participation Council is an essential body in our school. In particular, the parent representatives at the Council are the main interface of the parent community with the school management.

Two parent seats at the Primary Participation Council have become vacant. They have to be filled for a period of one year until the end of the current term (i.e. until July 2021). Any parent with a pupil attending the ESH primary school in the school year 2020/2021 is eligible. Parents who would like to be candidates need to send a short motivation letter with a photo to the following e-mail address:


The deadline to admit candidates is Thursday, 16th July 2020, 20:00.

If you ever considered to be a candidate but thought that the standard three-year term was a long commitment, you might use this shorter one year period to get a taste of it.

The rules regulating the participation council are common for the primary and secondary schools and can be found under:


A good overview of the topics discussed in the Participation Council may be found in the Minutes of Meeting under:


Or if you have further questions about what can be expected from a member, you may ask the current representatives at pc@eshthehague.nl

The election will take place at the beginning of next school year. Details will be communicated shortly before.

The election will follow the regulations for the participation council, in particular Chapter 3. If you have some question about the procedure for the election, you may contact the election committee at:


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