Going Dutch by Bike

Holland is the ideal country for cycling with children – with bicycle paths and flat terrain everywhere. And, at ESH we are proud to offer our P3 pupils lessons on bike and traffic safety – skills for life!

For two weeks, the bike container will be on our school premises again. You will have noticed the front playground has been especially painted for this fabulous biking project. The bike- trainings will be organised for all P3 classes by the DAL teachers on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. During their recent DAL lessons, 'Traffic' and a lot of 'Biking Vocabulary' lessons have already been taught to our ESH pupils.

Our P3 children will learn rules of the road, cycling vocabulary, and complete a bike-check, parkour cycle test and quiz.

These bikes and lessons, plus the bike-check, cycle test and quiz are free for us - sponsored by The Hague Municipality, delivered by “Breed Actief” – part of Veilig leren Feitsen “School op Seef”. We are so grateful!


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