Early Years

ESH Early Years:

  • Learning to be
  • Learning to live with others
  • Learning to do and know
  • Growing with the  enrichment of the multilingual and multicultural aspects of our school community.


A glimpse into our Early Years

European Schools Early Education Curriculum (EEC):

The EEC underpins the learning in the Early Years with a focus to nurture a love of learning through inquiry child-led playful learning. Children are engaged with their teachers through investigation, critical and creative thinking whilst making connections between the classroom and the real world. The children engage holistically in learning, where numeracy and literacy skills thread through the activities that facilitate the children’s learning. Through reflection and discussion, children realize their learning and next steps.

Specialist lessons with the specialist teachers, support this positive approach to holistic learning.

For Music, ICT – alternate weeks; and twice per week DAL-Dutch as an additional language, the specialist teachers visit the children in the class. Children daily visit the Mother Tongue classes with Mother Tongue teachers; the gym for Physical Education twice per week; and weekly to the library to borrow books and enjoy stories.

Collaborative and Positive  partnerships:

Friends in school – having fun together, learning to learn, feeling valued and safe with a sense of belonging. Children developing positive respectful friendships, resilience, kindness, respect and persistence. Children learn with Primary language section students and children across the early years language sections. The Early Years classes are multi-age, with children of 4 to 6 years.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants – Each EY class has a teacher and a teacher's assistant (TA). Our staff benefit from a Professional Learning Community to develop areas of the Early Years. This includes observing children to facilitate their learning and development, indoor and outdoor play opportunities, portfolios, documentation of children’s learning, planning and professional development to enhance their knowledge and expertise. A team of multi-cultural teachers who support children in all aspects of their education and wellbeing.

Parents – In collaboration with the class teachers,  parents support their child’s development and learning journey through close communication, daily or through Social Schools.  In collaboration with school, parents support programs, festivals and projects with a focus on the children.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to visit the classroom or to meet with the teacher.

School community – Early Years is housed in the main building of the primary school with Primary 1 close by. The transition to Primary is an ongoing program for the older Early Years children. Both EY and P1 teachers plan many opportunities to experience planned activities throughout the year with P1 through the 5 language sections.

When Early Years children begin at 4 years old, they progress through a two year early years cycle before beginning in P1 the following year once all entry requirements are met.

Wider community

Museum visits, farm visits, theatre and cultural visits are among the activities that support the children’s learning in our local community. Alternatively, special guests  are invited to share their knowledge and skills with the children, when appropriate.