Effective communication between a school and home is essential. At ESH, we believe connecting with parents on a frequent basis helps build relationships which benefit the child's education in various ways.

Parents will receive emails from management, teachers or our administration team. We use Parnassys (a compulsory student administration system) or regular email. We also use, Social Schools, aka SocS.

SOCIAL SCHOOLS - our communication App

We have invested in a communications app called Social Schools. Every parent in the primary school will have an account that will connect them to their child(ren)'s unique learning environment, in a closed, secure, GDPR compliant platform.

What do we use Social Schools for?

  1. Sharing photos* and videos of activities in and outside the classroom.
  2. The Calendar helps parents keep track of events at school and in class.
  3. Parents need Social Schools to sign up for Parent-Teacher meetings.
  4. Push Notifications: For urgent or important messages - we use this App.
  5. Portfolios; all children from P1 to P5 will need to have their own Social Schools account (which is linked and visible to the parent's account). This is for the child's individual Portfolio, a requirement of the European Schools. 

GDPR and Photo Permission*

At ESH we love sharing the fun and unique experiences by means of photos. We only publish photos that are appropriate and reflect the positive culture in our school. Social Schools allows teachers and administrators to see your child's photo permission for various audiences. We ask you to give us permission to use your child's images. You will select YES or NO. 

Here's how to set your child's photo permission on Social Schools: 

Step 1: Open the Social Schools App
Step 2: Click on the “Administration” Icon (bottom of the screen) – second icon from left, after HOME.
Step 3: Click on your child’s name
Step 4: Click on “Image Usage Preferences” and then,
Step 5: Select the usage you wish! Please say YES or NO to all fields.
Step 6: Click SAVE on top right hand corner.

Social School Groups/Classes and Sub-Classes

Your children will automatically be placed in their homeroom class, and from October, they will be manually added to the other groups / classes. 

  1. Home Class
    And these following groups will be activated late September:

  2. DAL (except for our L1 Dutch students)
  3. Mother Tongue Class
  4. Specialists (this includes PE, ICT and Music)
  5. L2 (Second language)

If you have any questions about Social Schools, please contact Claire Alcock via