At ESH, we believe that connecting with parents on a frequent basis helps build relationships which benefit the child's education in various ways. 

On this page you can find information about the communications channels and platforms used in ESH Primary.

Social Schools

Each child has a Social Schools profile where they are allocated to different groups (general class, mother tongue, L2, DAL, Specialist lessons, etc.) Parents receive an invitation to create an account, linked to your child's profile, during the enrolment process. In this way, the different teachers for the various subjects can share educational information with parents about the subjects that they teach.

What do we use Social Schools for?

  1. Sharing information, photos* and videos of activities in and outside the classroom, including ESH events and Parent Workshops.
  2. Image Usage Preferences
  3. Via the Calendar parents can keep track of activities at school and in class.
  4. Signing up for Parent-Teacher meetings.
  5. Push Notifications: For urgent, time-sensitive messages
  6. Portfolios; children from P1 to P5 will need to have their own Social Schools account (which is linked and visible to the parent's account). This is for the child's individual Portfolio, a requirement of the European Schools.
  7. It is possible for parents to send direct messages to different teachers, either in a conversation or via the comments of a post if this has been allowed in the settings. 

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

In the parent portal of our website there are various pages with information, documents, forms, procedures, etc. that are only relevant for parents of enrolled pupils. If your child is already enrolled at ESH and you don't yet have an activated account for the parent portal, please send an email to or



We have a number of shared mailboxes that are monitored by staff members in our Administration and Facilities Department. By using one of the general email addresses for your questions/queries/concerns, your message can either be responded to directly or forwarded to the relevant teacher, line leader or to the director for further assistance.

Email Address


All matters related to absence from school

Admissions of new pupils

All other matters such as School Fee Invoices, Certificates of Attendance, Questions related to procedures, etc.


The email addresses for Middle Leaders and other members of staff are published in the Parent Portal.