After School Activities

After School Activities (ASA)

ESH offers a wealth of After School Activities (ASA) provided by experienced external ASA tutors / instructors in the school building and on the sport fields.

The program offers a variety of ASA’s in Sports & Fitness, Creative Arts, Music, Dance & Performance and Technology. They are tailored to children's ages and interests.

The vision behind the ASA’s is to enrich pupil's lives with new and challenging activities not offered during school hours. Pupils can try out various physical or creative activities to see what they might like and where their interests lie and perhaps discover a new talent. Once they have found an activity that suits them and that they wish to pursue, they can join local Dutch clubs or teams. Furthermore, the ASA’s give pupils the chance to be around school mates from other language sections which gives them the opportunity to make new friends throughout the school.

The ASA’s for Primary and Early Years are divided into two terms of a schoolyear- one starting after the Autumn holidays (in October/November), the other after the Spring holidays (in February/March). The exact dates when registrations for ASA are open will be announced nearer the time.

Please note: It is not possible to access register your child for an ASA before being enrolled.