Press Release - European Education Model in the Spotlight: European School The Hague Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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European Education Model in the Spotlight: European School The Hague Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Providing Education in 13 Languages Simultaneously: Proof That It Can Be Done

The Hague, 16 June 2023 - The European School The Hague is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Yesterday, during the closing ceremony of the school year, this milestone was celebrated in the presence of prominent guests, including the Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen. As part of the celebration, an impressive 10-meter artwork created by all the children of the school was unveiled. This artwork symbolizes the success of the educational model of the European School The Hague, where language, culture, and connectedness converge, providing a home for children from all over Europe.

At the formal event, in the presence of distinguished guests from across Europe, the European School The Hague received its renewed accreditation as an official Type 2 European School. This recognition confirms the high quality of education provided to primary and secondary school students by the school.

The school plays an essential role in the educational landscape, with a special focus on educating children of expats working for renowned European agencies such as ESA, EMA, EPO, Europol, and Eurojust. Furthermore, there is a particular emphasis on multilingual and multicultural education, ensuring that children who move with their parents can seamlessly continue their (school) careers anywhere.

Director Frans van de Kerkhof, who will proudly bid farewell after 8 years, emphasizes the significance of the 10th anniversary and the role of the team within the school. He states, "Celebrating this anniversary is an absolute highlight for me, especially because I have been able to share it with my amazing colleagues. Our teachers and support staff—they are the heart of our organization. Together, we have created an inspiring learning environment where every student can feel at home and develop."

The 10th anniversary of the European School The Hague not only marks a milestone in its history but also signifies the ongoing commitment to be a shining example amidst challenges faced by European institutions. Van de Kerkhof emphasizes, "With our 10th anniversary, we showcase the success of our educational model, embracing the richness of different languages and cultures, and creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for children."

The school's event was characterized by the presence of distinguished guests, including representatives from European agencies and influential politicians. This presence not only underscores the strong collaborative ties among European institutions but also highlights the importance attached to the European School The Hague as a leading institution contributing to the growth and development of the European community in The Hague.



About The European School The Hague

Established in 2012 through the initiative of the European Agencies and Institutions in and around The Hague, this unique school provides multilingual and multicultural education to children in Early Years, Primary and Secondary, eventually graduating with a European Baccalaureate. Through a gradual and steady growth in pupil numbers, Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands officially opened the Secondary School building in 2019.

ESH provides a multilingual program based on the eight key competences, which all individuals need for personal fulfillment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment. In addition, there is outdoor education, camping and cultural trips abroad. The rich diversity of European languages and cultures is one of the main features of a European school. To promote multicultural development, the focus is on consolidating and strengthening the mother tongue and learning and using foreign languages.

Here are some notable statistics that reflect the success of the school:

Number of Pupils in Primary School: 880
Number of Pupil in Secondary School: 756
Graduation rate European Baccalaureate: 100%

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