Charity-Local Heroes

Between the 6th February 2023 until the 10th February 2023, was running week at the PE Department. During this special week, the children ran and collected money for the Association: Local Heroes.

Thanks to the generous donations of various parents, children and staff, Local Heroes obtained EUR 5000! A big thank to the sport Department for making this happen.

The young pupils ran many, many laps which were sponsored by their generous families and friends. Local Heroes is very grateful for this really successful effort. The raised funds are donated to several causes: to Dorcas Cherop to support her in the next 3 years, to a part of the dormitory project in Kenya, and the remaining amount is reserved for a soon to be announced new project.

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About Local Heroes:

Local Heroes raises funds to support projects in Africa.

The Local Heroes Foundation was founded in 2001 by Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Jos Hermens and Ronald Migo with the goal of supporting small projects in Africa. The Foundation uses African top athletes to promote health and a healthy lifestyle in their countries.

African top athletes are obviously as healthy as a fish. In the countries where these athletes come from, however, this is by no means true for everyone. There, health and living conditions are a major problem.

By using 'local heroes' you can achieve more. Haile Gebreselassie, former Olympic champion and world record holder, our first Local Hero and ambassador of Local Heroes, rose from the son of a farmer in rural Ethiopia to become a top athlete and successful businessman.
People like Haile set an example for their fellow countrymen and women, which is why our foundation forms a connecting link between the Netherlands and Africa.

Local Heroes raises funds to support projects in Africa. Projects in the areas of education, health care and awareness. From the money raised by a sponsored run in the Netherlands, for example, Local Heroes can build a classroom in Africa, provide children with education and support a health clinic.''

Link of the association: